Is it legal to use escorts in the UK?

Legal Female Escort

Every guy knows that there are times when you just need to get laid, and there are times when it is not all that easy. Unless you are Brad Pitt or look just like him, you probably don’t have girls just throwing themselves at you. You can head out to a pub or nightclub for the evening, but there is no guarantee that you will manage to pull and, if you don’t, you’re going to end up in a worse state than before. It doesn’t leave with you with a great many options. So how are you supposed to get your rocks off?

For some, the quick and easy fix is an escort. However, the UK laws on prostitution might mean that you are a little unsure whether this falls within the law. We’re here to answer that question for you once and for all and make sure that you know where you stand with a UK escort, with our tips below.

Avoid the streets: Prostitution – i.e soliciting for sex in a public place is illegal. Working on the streets with a view to offering sexual services is against the law. So is the reverse – someone actively approaching women to try and purchase sexual services in a public place. This is commonly referred to as kerb crawling. In some areas this might seem the easiest way to seek out sexual encounters, but avoid it! Even if it wasn’t illegal, prostitution tends to be the lower end of the ‘market’. You have no guarantee on the sexual health of the women involved, or know whether they are forced into this line of work to fund drug habits.

Look online: We would strongly advise looking online for escort services in your area. This has many benefits. Firstly, it is legal to advertise such services online. Some escorts choose to use a loophole to make sure, and advertise that you are paying for their time and companionship, but this is not necessary. Just make sure that you are both clear what you are getting! Bear in mind that not all escorts will have sex for cash, but you will easily be able to tell if they will. Secondly, escorts online usually have a range of photos on their websites, their ‘dos and don’ts’ and information about themselves, so you can find someone who will really do it for you.

Keep transactions inside and in private: Part of the legal issue is the solicitation and transaction taking place in a public place. If you ensure that cash changes hands in the privacy of a hotel room or bedroom then you are avoiding any issues. Keep discussions beforehand online or on phone in a private place.

You are likely to have a good choice of women when you look online and they are not all offering the same rate. You can usually find escorts ranging anywhere from £150 to in excess of £400 for an hour. It might not be cheap, but it is a sure fire way to get casual sex whenever you need it – in a perfectly legal manner!

If you have previously wondered or thought about meeting an escort for sex but have been put off because you didn’t think it was legal, hopefully we have shown you the truth! Enjoy 😉

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